A seven-time alien abductee, Jack Sunday has made a meager living as a paranormal radio host. Unfortunately, all the alien stories, conspiracy theories, and unhinged call-in regulars have become toxic for station ratings and management shows Jack the door.

However, on the night of his final broadcast, something unexpected happens with galactic consequence.

Jack is unwillingly reunited with the Ark Angels, an elitist organization determined to create their human utopia on a distant planet, while leaving Earth in ashes. Knowing Jack is in possession of alien technology acquired from his abductions, he is soon on the run to keep it out of the Angel’s hands and prevent unimaginable destruction.

With the aid of his lover, friends, one radio fan, and a long-trusted FBI agent, Jack reluctantly commits to eliminating the stolen alien devices in a high stakes race against time.

It’s a struggle for the future of Earth and humanity, but, having become a jaded, drug addicted and broken shell of a man, does Jack have the will to save our world?

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Food doesn't grow easily on New Earth.  Much of it arrives on massive supply ships and when one goes missing, the planet’s few thousand inhabitants are in grave peril. 

Chloe Meeks, a beautiful and gentle soul longing for a human utopia, is a rookie space pilot who doubts her abilities.  Putting those insecurities aside, she joins her stern British captain Gordon and Nix, a wise-cracking young man vying for her affections, to find the lost craft. 

Dodging asteroids and other dangers in a rickety spaceship, they find the supply vessel drifting, its crew dead.  Chloe is soon confronted with the horrifying knowledge that her former lover Amon Earl is responsible.  She later learns that New Earth has been quarantined as a galactic threat and even worse, Earl intends to eradicate the few humans remaining as atonement for Earth’s demise.

To stop him, Chloe will have to do the unthinkable; murder the man she loved.

Quarantined Planet is the debut science fiction thriller from John Allen Pace available now at Amazon.com.


When a massive Alien Grey saucer arrives on New Earth, it is soon obvious the extraterrestrials are after those responsible for a recent forbidden visit to Old Earth, resulting in human devastation and the deaths of several Greys.

Chloe Meeks becomes a target of their outrage and friends believe they may intend to kill her.  

To save the Planet’s few thousand inhabitants from a threat of starvation, she agrees to surrender, but Nix, Gordon and others won’t allow it. 

In a narrow escape they spirit her away aboard their rickety space ship Sephora and return to Old Earth where new dangers await.  

Chloe is determined to return as penance for the sins of a former lover.  Even as Nix has a plan to save the girl, she is one step ahead and soon face to face with her Grey accusers. 

The true reason they want her is even more ominous than anyone could have imagined.

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